Property Management

Montauk Management is a collaborative effort between established professionals, offering full maintenance review services for your home. In conjunction with our strategic partnerships in business and developing list of preferred service providers with a strong connection to the community, we provide winter care and facilitate home remodeling, renovations, updates, upgrades, and home maintenance.

A modern approach to home management.

We provide the most advanced and thorough home care available by digitizing your home, stored safely in our secure database. Then we let you access it.

We've got you covered.

We record data from refrigerators to refrigerator filters. We handle your service personnel. We’ll even dispatch our emergency response team when emergency strikes.

It's all in the details.

Attention to detail sets us apart. Montauk Management staffs New York State certified home inspectors who will complete a comprehensive home inspection upon the signing of your 12-month program. This inspection allows us to use our state-of-the-art technology to catalogue your home’s vital information in a way that is completely different from any other management company in the area.

No project too large

What do we offer? A better question is what don’t we offer. Our maintenance review services include the monitoring of water filters, air filters, and fuel filters. We review electrical systems and enter the information about your home mechanical devices and appliances—including serial and model numbers—into our digital database for easy access.

...or too small.

We can also monitor your service personnel or, if you do not already have service personnel employed, recommend them for you. As part of enrollment, you will also receive 24-hour emergency services. Your home is a priority to our quick response team, and in the event of any home- related emergency, we will dispatch a technician to your home.

Why Choose Us


We will rise to meet the challenge.

We are licensed NYS home inspectors, licensed Real Estate Sales Associates and we have strategic partnerships with a variety of preferred service providers. We are able to provide a wide array of services in the real estate property management field, which includes rental management, weekly reviews, concierge services as well as Real Estate sales. Montauk Management is a full-service company that can assess the needs of your home—large or small—and rise to whatever challenge is presented. Whether you require year round care, rental management or your purchasing a new home—we are here to assist.

Let's get digital.

Our digital technology system houses a library of your home’s mechanics, including all appliances, plumbing, and electrical systems. You will then be entered into our database, which allows us to monitor and systematically update your home, giving you the most advanced and thorough home management available. You will be provided a weekly report via email with a detailed review of your homes present conditions.

Maintaining your Investment or Finding a New Home.

Whether you are looking to maintain a property or purchase a new home, you can trust Montauk Management Group’s experience and developed knowledge to streamline the process and help you make the best choice for you and your family.

Transparency is our forte.

MMG applies the principles of LIFT in it’s client relations: Loyalty, Integrity, Fairness, and Transparency. Building long term commitments and relationships for the future is our primary goal.

Included in property checks

Montauk Management Group is designed to keep you in the know at all times.

Visual check of doors, windows and locks for signs of water leaks, damage or forced/unauthorized entry.

Plumbing check including inspection of all interior taps and faucets and sinks/tubs/vanities for leakage and operation, toilet function, drain check

Check for the correct operation of the HVAC system.

Check all large appliances

Check garage door operation

Check fuse panels for tripped breakers

Visual check for insects and pests and take appropriate actions

Visual check and report on fuel levels (if applicable)

General monitoring of landscape for condition and appearance

Visual pool and spa inspection

Visual inspection of exterior drains and gutters to ensure they are performing correctly.

Storm and power outage checks-We will make additional visits after major storm and/or power outages.

Contact & Location

Montauk Management Group is a locally owned and operated business, where we are committed to providing you with the most professional, efficient, and reliable property management service available.

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